Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology, or AT, is any tool, equipment, or device that is used in your daily life to help you to live more independently.

Why is AT important?

Different AT devices can help you to live independently either on your own or with others. Some AT can help you to be mobile as you get around town. Other AT can improve the way you communicate with others.

Types of AT

Assistive Technology can be anything as ordinary as a straw or a wheelchair, to an iPad and hearing aids, and can get as complex as voice and speech activated devices such as Dragon. Other common AT devices include:

  • Walkers
  • Canes
  • Cell-phones
  • Hearing Aids
  • Glasses
  • Text Readers

AT Services at RIL

Our Assistive Technology Coordinator meets one on one with consumers to identify assistive technology needs and resources. He can also connect consumers with our Device Lending Library and Voice Options programs. Angie can be reached at angieg@ril-sacramento.org

You can learn more about the Device Lending Library and Voice Options here:

Device Lending Library

A way for local Californians to receive a short-term loan of various devices to test out and find the best item for you. Available through the AT Reuse Program.

Voice Options

Connects Californians with speech language disabilities to iPads with different speech apps to help with communication.

Do You Qualify? You Must…
  • Have difficulty speaking or not able to speak
  • People have a hard time understanding you

Digital Access Project

Low cost internet for those who qualify. This service may be available through your local internet service provider.

Freedom Tech Loan

A way for local Californians to pay for Assistive Technology, including:

  • Home modification equipment for accessibility if you own your own home (e.g., ramps, shower, grab bars)
  • Hearing aids
  • Computers and adaptive accessories/software
  • Adaptive driving equipment

Local Home Modification Program

Computer Trainings – Sac Food Bank

Adults who are new to technology or just looking for a refresher are invited to attend free classes such as Welcome to the World of Computers and Beyond Basics and Intro to Internet. Talented volunteers in our community lead classes in an effort to build students confidence and familiarity with technology. Classes are offered in English and Spanish and range from typing basics to Microsoft Excel.

To register for the next course, contact Shay Smith at (916) 456-1980 ext. 7634