Angie Guerrero

Assistive Technology Coordinator

  • Staff Member

Angie was raised in Sacramento most of her life. She attended Sacramento City College and studied Journalism. She is an activist and an advocate for people in disadvantaged communities.

Angie became a volunteer at a community-based organization in July of 2019 where she recently became cadre to the cause of advocating for low-wage and unrecognized workers. In September, the organization Angie volunteers for was invited to participate in The Mayor’s Commission on Climate Change to represent the hard to reach communities where she met RIL’s Deputy Director April Wick. She just recently joined RIL in January of 2020 as the Personal Care Attendant Registry guru.

 Angie’s hobbies are cooking, reading, learning new things and spending time with friends and family. She also hopes to go back to school to continue her education in the field of journalism and earn a degree.