Maria Ramirez

Independent Living Specialist
(916) 446-3074 ext 212

  • Staff Member

I have always enjoyed working with people who wish to improve the quality of their life. Everyone who comes to RIL for service is looking for just that person who can assist them achieve their goals. Both as an IL Specialist for almost two months and as RIL’S Shelter Plus Care Case Manager for over a decade, many of RIL’s consumers have succeeded in finding and retaining their housing for over ten years. Some got their benefits approved, while others returned to work and were able to keep their benefits. I am fortunate to have the job that allows me to explore and provide available options for the consumer.  I provide them with information, peer advising and ensure consumers are well informed so they can make an informed decision. Not every consumer achieves his or her goals and that’s o.k. too. I tell them that it’s important to accept the challenge and once we do this then it all unfolds one step at a time.